Over the last year, the BLMA has been developing a series of clinical competencies for use by doctors and nurses leading pilgrimages. These are in the form of a series of domains that can be matched against the needs of sick pilgrims, to help ensure that their needs can be met. At the recent BLMA conference, the delegates had the opportunity to review them, and the next stage is to pilot them in use in the 2017 season. Currently, Arundel and Brighton, Leeds, Lancaster and Birmingham pilgrimages will do so.

For more information about the competencies, see the section under Resources.

New Look BLMA Website and Communications

Drs Joe O'Dwyer and John Roper have kindly agreed to undertale a review of the BLMA communications strategy for 2017. The website has already had a small re-organisation, but will undergo further changes in the coming months to make it more easy to access useful information. 

We also intend to explore options to embrace other newer media such as Facebook and Twitter. More news soon!