MDU and medical indemnity for Lourdes

 Feedback from LMA members who are with the MDU and from contacts in the insurance industry (with whom I have been discussing the situation and exploring alternatives should it prove necessary) points to the MDU adopting a similar stance to that taken by the MPS, in that they will continue to provide cover on the same basis as in the past (see: ).  As with the MPS, the conditions of the cover are likely to be more explicit and contingent upon being notified in advance of the member's intention to travel during specified dates.

Following the recent statement from the MPS there has been some expectation from LMA members of a similar statement from the MDU. Having spoken with the MDU today, however,  I understand that they have no plans to issue a statement on the matter but that they continue to consider indemnity cover for their members for Lourdes as in the past, contingent on their members discussing this with the MDU in advance.