Dr. Michael Dulake

Dr Michael Dulake, a longstanding LMA member, recently passed away.  I am grateful to Denis and Mary Daley for providing the following:

Dr Michael Dulake was a loyal member of the LMA for many years and served on the CMIL too, where he was very popular with the French members as he spoke their language well. He was a great friend of Lourdes and the HCPT.  His wife, Maureen, another doctor, who died in 2000, was also involved with both HCPT and the LMA.  For a time they both helped Dr Vivienne d'Andria to translate articles from French for the English version of the Lourdes Medical Bulletin.  Michael was a distinguished consultant physician specialising in cardiology, working at St George's Hospital and St James' Hospital Balham. For many years Michael and Maureen helped out with the medical cover at the Passage Westminster.  As a person he was always charming, friendly and courteous – a very gentle gentleman. His requiem Mass will take place at 1 p.m. on Thursday 13th October at St Joseph’s Church, Roehampton SW15 4LE.