Renal Dialysis update.

Renal Dialysis to remain available in Lourdes:

Good news from the Bureau Medical that although the St Jean le Baptiste Dialysis Centre in Lourdes closed on the 28 February there will be a new renal dialysis centre available in Lourdes after all.  This represents a collaboration between the Tarbes Hospital and the Association of Patients with Renal Insufficiency. Dr de Franciscis has visited the new unit with Dr Michèle Hemery, who is the coordinator of the Medical Service at the Tarbes Hospital, and it seems to be very well organised and well equipped.  Care at the centre will be led by a team of four nephrologists : Dr Hemery, Dr Reynaud, Dr Arreule and Dr Hazgui. 

Pilgrims requiring dialysis must make their reservations well before their arrival in Lourdes, just as was the case in previous years.

Contact details:  Unité de Dialyse Médicalisée, 43 Avenue de Sarsan, 65100 Lourdes


Secrétariat coordination accueil vacanciers et pèlerins: Tel:  +33 5 62 94 26 25; Fax: +33 5 62 94 19 90