AGGIR score

The AGGIR score is a tool used in France to assess the degree of disability and loss of independance of persons, in particular the elderly, either living at home or in institutions.  Several years ago it was adopted by French and Italian pilgrimages for use in a database gathering simple demographic and diagnostic data about the assisted pilgrims who come to Lourdes.  It was the hope and wish of Dr de Franciscis that pilgrimages more generally would adopt the database and add statistics on their assisted pilgrims to the database, thus generating a more authoritative picture overall of the challenges facing the Sanctuary, particularly in making provison for those with high levels of disability.


'AGGIR, the work of Grids' is an article made available by the Society of Actuaries providing more information about the AGGIR score.  It can be found on the search page here.

The six other components of the database are Age, Sex,BMI, Primary Diagnosis, ICD10 Codes, and need for Oxygen.

The BMI is weight (kg)/ height (m)2   Calculate BMI