Clinical Competencies

The BLMA Council have developed a series of Clinical Competencies in the form of Domains of Care. It is envisaged that those clinicians (doctors and nurses) responsible for the planning of care for a pilgrimage may use them to ensure that the needs of all pilgrims are adequately met. The full set of requirements will vary between pilgrimages, depending on the types of sick they have, their travel arrangements and the model of care given in Lourdes.  Some of the more detailed aspects will also vary from year to year, to match the needs of individuals, however, some competencies will be common to most  if not all pilgrimages.

These documents should be used to determine the competencies for the pilgrimage as a whole rather than for its individual clinicians, none of whom will be expert in all areas required, but whom, working as a team and having suitable escalation protocols, may be able to provide the necessary care. 

By being able to demonstrate that the needs of their charges have been actively considered, pilgrimages can demonstrate a robust approach to clinical governance, and potentially inform decisions about insurance and other matters.

On the following pages, there are the documents themselves, a guide to their use, and some examples of how to use them.